BogaFloatThe Boga-Float - NEW!
An Uplifting New Idea!

When a BogaGrip drops into the water, it sinks fast and deep, leaving you with a sinking feeling and a deep hole in your wallet. Boga-Float is the answer to this unfortunate combination of bad luck and gravity. 
Simple but effective, Boga-Float will give you peace of mind about your prized fishing tool. The Boga-Float will support the 15-pound and 30-pound scale BogaGrips.  While a single Boga-Float will not support the 60-pound scale model; two Boga-Floats in tandem will.
Boga-Float does not purport to  support the additional weight of any fish
attached to the Boga-Grip.
Attaching your Boga-Float
The enclosed hardware offers you the choice of three simple ways to attach Boga-Float to your Boga-Grip:
1) Long Leash 
Simply attach the Boga-Float clip to your Boga-Grip wrist strap. This method gives you more overall play in handling the Boga-Grip, as the Boga-Float dangles 12-14  inches from the Boga-Grip handle.
2) Short Leash
Untie and remove the Boga-Gripís original wrist strap. Then simply attach the Boga-Float clip to through the end of the Boga-Grip handle.
3) Direct Tie
Undo the Boga-Float strap hardware, and save for another use. Untie your Boga-Gripís wrist cord and thread the cord through your Boga-Float. Then thread one end through the enclosed cord-lock and tie off the ends with a simple overhand knot. As this method uses less hardware, your Boga-Float will be slightly more buoyant in the water.
Note: For best presentation in photographs, Boga-Float should hang down
with the writing right-side up.
Other uses for Boga-Float

Boga-Float can be used to buoy any object within the proscribed weight limits, including keys, tools and other valuable items.
 The Boga-Float buoy, attached to a longer line, can be temporarily used to mark a spot in the water. For example, where your less-savvy fishing partner drops his Boga-Grip -- the one without the Boga-Float
 When trolling with light tackle rods, and low-capacity reels, some anglers have attached their Boga-Float to their rod. When a big fish hooks up, and theyíre at risk of being completely spooled, they simply throw the buoyed rod in the water, and then go back to retrieve both their rod and the fish.
 When fishing for large Amazon catfish, the Boga-Float can be used as a strike indicator type bobber for baited hooks. Let us know your other ideas for Boga-Float!


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