Using your Boga-Grip

Easy to Operate
Grasp your Boga-Grip by the black grip, and pull back on the trigger with your index finger or thumb. This will open the prongs.

Place the prongs around the tip of the fish's lower jawbone and release the trigger. This will close and lock the jaws. Now lift the fish and remove the hook. Lifting the Boga-Grip will use the weight of the fish to pull the prongs shut and locked even tighter.

Release your fish by placing it down in the water, boat, or on the bank, etc., and pulling back on the Boga-Grip trigger again. Use the wrist strap to avoid accidentally dropping your Boga-Grip into the water.

Low Maintenance
Your BogaGrip requires little maintenance other than to keep it clean. Simply rinse it off with tap water. Muddy water or saltwater can leave a gritty residue if left to dry, making the Boga-Grip's action less smooth. Boga-Grip will work fine without any lubrication; however, it is advisable to put a drop of two of light machine oil or silicone on the trigger pin, prong pin and connecting rivets.


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